Global Educational Solutions, Local Engagement

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Excellence is our standard
development process
The local, national and international environment plays a key role in the learning & development process
Educators and Leaders are accountable to the needs of the greater community
Success is a journey and a destination 

EJECS is a US based, International Consultant Service that offers customized solutions for educational leaders and businesses seeking to supplement and enhance their program and offerings. We conduct a needs assessment, evaluate the current program, evaluate current materials, evaluate leadership, and through strategic planning provide a tailored means for success.


EJECS strives to provide culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate services to its clients of all ages and levels. We realize that culture influences learning, cognition, development, and pedagogy, influencing our approach.  Since many of our clients are located across the globe, we are able to utilize the local culture and institutional goals to identify strategies that creatively deal with unique challenges.


We offer innovative educational and programmatic solutions to school systems, private schools, independent schools, government agencies, corporations, and executives.

Assessment & Evaluation
Change Management
Educational Design
Curriculum Development
Training & Development
Instructional Design
School Improvement
Project Management
Program Implementation
Innovation Strategies
Needs Assessment
Strategic Planning


Our unique international background, varied trainings, and vast experiences allow us to provide world-class services that meet your needs.


EJECS helps clients identify internal strengths, opportunities within their environment, and strategies for community engagement.  Our clients have experienced increased employee performance due to workplace optimization and strategic developmental strategies.  Our clients have also experienced an increase in educational and social outcomes shown by student/employee data and responses from  community stakeholders.


EJECS utilizes innovation strategies and organizational developmental trainings in order to assist organizations with more efficient use of time, resources, and internal/external capital.  Our process of conducting a needs assessment, evaluating the existing program, and offering strategic recommendations based on the organization’s mission and core values assists us in increasing the programmatic outcomes.


EJECS utilizes the unique physical, social, and cultural landscape of an organization as a tool contributing to their success.



Our Clients
University College of London-IDEA Society (London, England)
The College Board (US)
Disney English (Beijing / Shanghai, China)
Fulton County Schools (US)
Atlanta Public Schools (US)
BSEI private school (US)
Hanwoori Korean Academy (Tianjin, China)
Abe Halperin School (Tamale, Ghana)
Behavioral Health Consultants Group (US)
João das Botas School (Salvador, Brazil)


Our EJECS team has over 60 combined  years of experience in educational management, curriculum design, curriculum evaluation and implementation, program evaluation, strategic planning, instructional design, training & development, research, educational design, and creating responsive learning environments at various levels.


Our experts include Educators, Psychiatrists, Instructional Designers, Curriculum Writers, Program Evaluators, Project Managers, Artists and Engineers.  We have extensive experience in providing quality learning & development services in order to transform your existing environment.  We work with your team to create and innovate new strategies to garner optimal results.


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